The Snow Leopard Trust is the world’s oldest and largest organization dedicated to protecting the endangered snow leopard—and they have an adorable way of supporting the conservation of this iconic big cat. The registered non-profit offers symbolic adoption Snow Leopards. Proceeds provide a sustainable income to communities in snow leopard habitats and help to reduce poaching and other threats to these cats. Every symbolic adoption package directly funds their conservation efforts.

A group of snow leopards in the wild

Photo SLCF/Snow Leopard Trust

These one-of-a-kind feel-good gifts delight adults and children alike. You can choose an instant adoption sent via email or a mailed adoption package that includes a personalized adoption certificate, a snow leopard cub plush, a photo of your snow leopard cub, a fact sheet, and a Snow Leopard Trust annual sticker. Feel good knowing your gift helped protect a snow leopard living in the wild.

A snow leopard stuffed animal

Photo Snow Leopard Trust

From $50,

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