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Grumpy Cats

These Kitties Are Grumpin' It Up to Help You Laugh it Up!


Let’s be honest—there’s just something so funny and relatable about a grumpy cat. We hope these photos of cranky-looking kitties bring a smile to your face!

Photographs submitted by Modern Cat Photocontest participants. – ERM


1) Spartacus

Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my morning catnip! – Spartacus submitted by Sheena


2) Mila

ARRRGH! – Mila submitted by Nadene


3) Mabel

Just TRY to bring a dog into my territory! – Mabel submitted by Jennifer


4) Chic-Chac

Sometimes you’ve just got to scream and get the grumpies out! – Chic-Chac submitted by Katie and Matt


5) Beau

Beau gives the original “Grumpy Cat” a run for his money. – Beau submitted by Mollie W


6) Maddox

Maddox is not having any of your nonsense today. – Maddox submitted by Hannah


7) Orange Man

Ugh. Not in the mood for small talk today. – Orange Man submitted by Aleksa S


8) Sabor

Hey, get out! No humans allowed – it’s introvert time. – Sabor submitted by Susie


9) Mushiekatz

Leave me alone, or face the wrath of Mushiekatz. – Mushiekatz submitted by Carmen


10) Sparky

Sparky is not in the mood. – Sparky submitted by Kerry E


11) Peaches

I know I’m cute, but get that camera out of my face! – Peaches submitted by Christopher


12) Belle

Yeah, laugh it up now. My claws are sharp and I’ve got my eye on that new couch… – Belle submitted Anonymously

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