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Happy Cat!—The Best Toys, Treats and Interactive Stimuli for Your Cat

Delight your cat with these fun finds

Playful Panther

With its unpredictable movement, the Playful Panther interactive wand toy behaves like real prey to get your cat moving! A mylar crinkle ball and feathers are attached to the end of a long flexible wand so you can play with your cat or secure it in a vertical position for solo playtime fun! $20,

Catty Whack from Out Pets

Modern Cat product tester Dorian loves to stalk the fun, feathery wand that darts in and out of the “mouse holes” in the Catty Whack. It’s fast-moving feather wand changes direction randomly to stimulate the desire to hunt and play, and is really great for cats with a lot of excitable energy! From $35,

Dental treats from Emerald Pets

Cats are crazy for these irresistible treats designed to improve their dental health. All natural, crunchy, and fish-shaped, these feline dental treats fight plaque and tartar in a deliciously health way! $5,

Butterflies from Go Cat

Have a stealth hunter in your home? This Butterflier from Go Cat will keep your cat playing and excited for hours! The feather butterfly will delight as it flies and flutters around. $7,

UJI tunnel system from Nekochan

Nekochan’s “design your own” UJI tunnel system is perfect for enriching the environment of both super-playful and shy cats! The interlocking “U,” “J,” and “I” tunnels can be configured into an array of interesting shapes, creating tunnels for racing and chasing and hide and seek. Collapses to neatly fit into a carry bag! From $55,

Feline Nuvo cat retreat from Midwest Homes for Pets

MidWest Homes for Pets’ sturdy, multi-tier Feline Nuvo cat retreats are designed with both lounging and play in mind. Features like elevated perches, pass-through teetering platforms, spring mounted toys, and sisal-wrapped scratching posts encourage fun and relaxation. Nine different variations are available because there’s no such thing as too many play options! $40,

Jackson Galaxy Toy Marinater

How cool is this? The Jackson Galaxy Toy Marinater lets you create your own catnip-infused toys! Just add catnip to the silicone base, insert the mesh bag after filling it with your cat’s favourite toys, replace the cap, and squeeze to add catnip scent! Works on all toy materials. $15,

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