Hello Mommies! It’s Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, and we hope that you have a purrfect Mother’s Day! We want to spend this day acknowledging our mothers and appreciating all of the wonderful things that they do for us. And for all cat moms, we hope you start your day by checking out these adorable cat moms and their kittens!


1) Kitten and Baby Hunni

Beautiful Mama named Kitten posing with her actual kitten, named Hunni. – Kitten and Hunni submitted by Julie C


2) Bailey and Abigail

Mama Bailey chills out in the coolest place of the house with her daughter Abigail during a heat wave. You can do mother-daughter bonding anywhere! – Bailey and Abigail submitted by Karen M


3) Phoebe

Phoebe the adorable domestic longhaired tuxedo was born to Little Luna, a pregnant stray rescue. Mama Luna had five little kitties named after five little moons (the others were named Titan, Rhea, Hyperion, and Pandora). – Phoebe submitted by JJ S.


4) Big Mama

Big Mama has a sad story — she lost some of her first litter of kittens after she was abandoned and had her kitties in a barn that caught fire. Luckily, some of her babies survived with her, and all of them were taken in along with Big Mama by their own loving human mom. – Big Mama submitted by Allison


5) Lil Mama

Momma Cat with Kittens

Lil Mama caught in a perfectly candid mommy moment! – Lil Mama submitted by Steph G


6) Anonymous Kittens and Mother

Momma Cat with Kittens

This anonymous mama is hard at work feeding her babies! – Kittens and Mother submitted Anonymously


7) Sophia

Momma Cat with Kitten

Beautiful Siamese Sophia loves chasing toys, and of course loves her little babies! – Sophia submitted by Tammy B


8) Beau, Em, and Abby

Momma Cat with Kittens

Abby the tabby is the proud mama of Beau and Em. Pregnant Abby was rescued by Live and Let Live Farm and gave birth within hours of her arrival! Congrats Abby! – Beau, Em, and Abby submitted by Heather W


9) Bebe and O’Behr

Momma Cat with Kitten

Mother cat Bebe doesn’t typically like other cats – she does, however, love her mama’s boy O’Behr! – Bebe and O’Behr submitted by Kelsey T


10) Percy and Momma Goose


Momma Goose and her son Percy are two peas in a pod! We hope he treats her well today! – Percy and Momma Goose submitted by Megan M