As we all know, cats love to climb! However, it can be hard for indoor cats to get the proper amount of exercise if there is nothing appropriate for them to climb on.

If you want to promote interactive play and exercise for your cat, try Hicat®’s floor-to-ceiling cat climbers. These are not your ordinary cat trees! These giant posts will satisfy your cat’s instinct to climb from the lowest floors to the highest ceilings!

Hicat® features 4 different cat climbers: Polecat, Tomcat, Fatcat, and Bobcat. Each post is designed to be cat-friendly and is only made with quality products. They are custom made-to-measure to fit in your home precisely.

Each post features huge climbing surfaces, your choice of durable finishes and Hicat® also offers a variety of shelving & feature options. They can also customize your Hicat® even further with features such as access and peep-hole repositioning, sloping ceiling options and extra tall, two-piece, freestanding or wall mounted units. You can also purchase accessories to allow you to create your ideal indoor playground for your cat. 

Hicat® cat climbers are easy to install and are incredibly strong and durable. They are made to last and your cats will love the endless hours of playtime and exercise. It is a great substitute for any natural habitat. 

Check out Hicat®’s website for more information on their floor-to-ceiling cat climbers or read customer testimonials. We think this product is a real winner! –KD