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Cats are hunters.  That’s what they are designed to do.  Hunt, kill, eat, and sleep – the life of a cat.  I am a professional In-home Cat Sitter.  When I come to someone’s house, I have to entertain kitty.  Hmm???  Well since they are hunters by nature, let’s hunt.  I use DA Bird string toy for them to hunt birds.  They jump up into the air to bring it down. We both have a lot of fun!  I get paid to play with cats.  But I will be honest, I don’t play that much with my own cats.  I’ve got a busy life.  However, I found a way for them to hunt and play even when I’m not at home.  

Hide-and Seek Cat Game:  For each meal, I divide my cats’ food allotment among a number of small containers, and set them out all over the house.  I make sure to show my cats what I’m doing the first few times.  This makes eating more of a challenge for them because they must search for their food.  Eating small portions is much healthier, and hunting for food can be helpful for weight loss and boredom.  Once your cat understands that he has to search for his food, you can start placing the containers in different areas each day to make the hunt more challenging.  Remember, cats are not grazers, you should not have food available for them 24/7.  In the wild they’d kill a mouse, eat it, groom themselves, and take a nap.

I live in Florida, the insect State!  There are a number of ant-proof bowls available to help with an insect problem. 

If you’d like to get paid to play with cats, click here to check out my Kitten Sittin’ Franchise Website! 

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