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Hide & Sneak Unique Cat Toy Tunnel by Dezi & Roo


If you are an owner of an indoor cat, it is important to make sure that your fabulous feline has plenty of items to play with. With Dezi & Roo’s Hide and Sneak Unique Cat Toy Tunnel, your cat will have the time of his or her life in the safety of your house!

The Hide and Sneak cat tunnel toy is every cat’s dream as it combines the thrill of crinkling paper bags with the fun of a catnip-blended tunnel.

You will love watching your cat swat the tunnel from the inside. If you have more than one cat, they will love to chase each other in and out. Best of all, when it is time for a rest, the tunnel is the perfect cozy spot for your kitty to relax in.

The Hide and Sneak Cat Tunnel is almost 3 feet long and can easily expand and collapse for storage. It is very affordable and can be purchased as singles or bundle packs!

The tunnel is handmade in the USA by a team of veterinary professionals so you can be assured that this tunnel is safe for your cat. Moreover, it is made entirely of biodegradable paper and cardboard material so it is safe for the environment!

A toy that is safe AND will provide hours of play-time for your cat? What could be better? -KD


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