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Cat UTIs: How to Prevent and Relieve a Cat’s UTI Naturally

Natural support for your cat’s bladder health

By: Julie Anne Lee, DCH

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The importance of a healthy bladder is so often overlooked. When things are flowing well, we hardly give it a passing thought. That is, until there’s a problem.

Why Cat Bladder Health is Important

The bladder is responsible for many functions. It’s the kidney’s main squeeze and best friend. The kidneys remove urea (a waste product) from the blood. From there, the urea travels down the tubules and into the bladder, where it’s eliminated through urination. The bladder also contributes to controlling levels of electrolytes in the body (hugely important for cell life or death and vital hydration) and it helps to regulate blood pressure. As you can see, this little organ is very important!

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Unfortunately, cats of any age can have problems with their lower urinary tracts. A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is actually a bacterial infection in their bladder or urethra. Why does this happen? If any bacteria makes its way into the urinary tract, it can cause a problem.

Signs of a Cat UTI

There are several things to look for if you believe your cat has a urinary tract infection. Keep an eye out for:

  • Drinking more water than usual
  • Peeing outside the litter box
  • Persistent licking of urinary openings
  • Straining to urinate
  • Crying when urinating
  • Dark or cloudy urine
  • Visible blood in the urine
  • Loss of bladder control or urine dribbling
  • Inability to pass urine or passing very little urine
  • Vomiting, lethargy, lack of appetite

How to Prevent and Relieve a UTI Naturally

So, how can you keep your cat’s bladder healthy? The number one key is a raw, species-appropriate diet. At the very, very least, a high quality, no grain, and preferably NOT dry food.

There are also several things to add to your cat’s diet to protect that vulnerable urinary tract and prevent (or relieve) that painful UTI. The following all work synergistically with each other to achieve optimal results. (Adored Beast’s new Easy Peesy supplement, a feline-specific supplement combining all of these, is a good go-to.)

8 Natural remedies for UTI’s

1 D-Mannose 
  • This simple sugar closely related to glucose occurs naturally in berries and some plants
  • Does not affect blood sugar
  • Binds to bad bacteria to carry it out of the bladder in the urine
    Dosage: 25 – 37.5 mg daily
2 N-acetyl Glucosamine
  • Targets inflammation response in smooth muscle of bladder wall & lining
  • Helps keep the lining of the urinary tract healthy and strong
    Dosage: 15 – 25 mg daily
3 Marshmallow Root
  • Rich in mucilage
  • Helps to coat the mucus membranes
  • Protects delicate tissues
    Dosage: 15 – 25 mg daily

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4 Cranberries
  • Prevents E.coli adherence to Madin-Darby Canine Kidney cells
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties
    Dosage: 25 – 37.5 mg daily
5 Larch
  • Natural prebiotics
  • Supports the probiotics and immune system
    Dosage: 50 – 130 mg daily

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6 Multi-strain Probiotic Blend, 1 billion CFUs
  • Provides beneficial bacteria to establish colony and keep bad bacteria at bay.
    Dosage: Find a product for pets and follow the directions on the label.
7 Uva Ursi
  • Contains natural compounds called arbutin
  • Is a known astringent
  • Is known to help decrease inflammation
    Dosage: 6 – 12 mg daily

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8 Nettle Leaf
  • Tonic herb
  • Anti-inflammatory, astringent
  • Diuretic
  • Supports the kidneys
    Dosage: 2.5 – 5 mg daily

Every system of the body is as equally important because it is all interconnected. Don’t forget the bladder! It needs support and love too.

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The signs of a UTI are the exact same signs that a feline, especially a male, could be exhibiting when they are unable to urinate, which could be due to crystals/bladder stones or idiopathic cystitis. This is an emergency, and owners should seek medical attention immediately. Before trying UTI remedies, please see your vet to confirm it is, in fact, a UTI you are dealing with.

How To Promote Urinary Tract Health

Say Goodbye, UTI! with the newest tincture from Suzie’s CBD Drops.Formulated specifically to address feline urinary tract issues, it combines full spectrum CBD oil with dandelion root, cranberry seed extract, and marshmallow root to promote healthy function and soothe discomfort. A base of wild Alaskan salmon oil makes it easy to give your cat! $30,

This article originally appeared in the award-winning Modern Cat magazine. Subscribe today!


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By: Julie Anne Lee, DCH
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