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How to Properly Read Your Cat’s Body Language

A Visual Guide

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Illustrations by Monika MeInychuk

Need help reading your cat’s body language? If you’ve ever wondered why your cat “randomly” bites or goes from relaxed to spaz mode in what seems like an instant, chances are you’re missing—or misreading­—your cat’s body language cues. They’re not so subtle if you’re paying attention and know how to “read” cat!

Happy cat body language guide

If your cat is showing you the above body language you have one happy kitty on your hands! They feel relaxed, safe and comfortable with you.


body language of a tense cat inspecting its environment

A cat with this body language is feeling tense and needing to assess the current environment before being able to relax. With pricked up ears and a low, straight tail this cat is on high alert!


Cat slow blinking, a cat's sign of love and affection

Does your cat give you the slow blink? If so, you should be flattered! A slow blink from a cat is the ultimate sign of love and trust, showing you that they’re completely comfortable and enjoying your company.



happy cat squinting- cat squinting to show they're happy and smiling

A squinting cat is feeling happy, and is offering you the kitty version of a smile. Want to smile back? Next time your cat makes those cute squint-y eyes at you, squint back at them to show you understand.


playful cats with S tails and big pupils who want to play

Is your cat making that “S” shaped tail at you and wiggling around playfully? Might be time to break out the toys, this cat is in a good mood and wants to run around.



signs of an anxious cat with ears back and crouching low

A cat with their ears back and crouching is ready for fight or flight. Unsure of what’s going on and what to do next, this cat is anxious or fearful and preparing themselves for anything.

cat with fur sticking up and ears flattened being anxious and ready to attack

This cat is ready to pounce or run! With a puffy, agitated tail and flattened ears, your cats adrenaline is sure to be pumping as they prepare for their next move. Be careful touching a cat showing this body language as they wont want any extra stimulation when they’re already riled up.

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