How to Properly Read Your Cat’s Body Language

A Visual Guide

Need help reading your cat’s body language? If you’ve ever wondered why your cat “randomly” bites or goes from relaxed to spaz mode in what seems like an instant, chances are you’re missing—or misreading­—your cat’s body language cues. They’re not so subtle if you’re paying attention and know how to “read” cat!

Happy cat body language guide


body language of a tense cat inspecting its environment


Cat slow blinking, a cat's sign of love and affection



happy cat squinting- cat squinting to show they're happy and smiling


playful cats with S tails and big pupils who want to play



signs of an anxious cat with ears back and crouching low cat with fur sticking up and ears flattened being anxious and ready to attack

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  • Aleeya

    This is the best for research reports. I was just doing one and I got lots of information. I highly recommend reading this article!

  • Desre' Kapp

    While playing with my cat he would suddenly change and bite me. sometimes he would actually attack me. what am I doing wrong

  • Jan

    My cat also, would be lying on my chest one minute, then proceed to bite me hard on my face! She is normally an affectionate cat. She will be 2 on 8/17/19. What am I doing wrong???

  • Dolce

    Watch the tail…if a kitty is overstimulated, even by affectionate pats, the tail starts getting “swishy”. If you see that, give it a break otherwise kitty will let you know enough’s enough!

  • liam


  • Carolyn Temperly

    Very well described it will help me.

  • Sophia

    I love the facts now I know my cat better

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