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New Quality Toy to Enrich Your Feline Environment

SuperZoo Show Exclusive: First Look at the Nekochan UJI Tunnel that Changes Cat’s Natural Landscape and Unlocks Hours of Play Possibilities

Do you have a high energy, curious cat that loves to leap through the air, dive-bomb unsuspecting shopping bags, or even crawl up your pant leg at every opportunity? The UJI Tunnel System from Nekochan Enterprises was created to provide the ultimate challenge for insatiable cats who love to play, hide and seek, and it meets a growing demand from pet owners who want to invest in their cat’s indoor environment.

A New Level of Feline Enrichment – Endless Play Possibilities
“The UJI Tunnel System is an amazing, ever-changing play system that brings a new level of landscape into the life of indoor cats,” explains Ellen Tsuyuki, Nekochan’s founder and product designer. “The UJI Tunnel is the equivalent of investing in a kid’s jungle gym for your backyard. It ensures endless hours of active, satisfying play,” she says.

The UJI Tunnel has 3 interlocking shapes which connect with sturdy zippers, to ensure cats can race and chase through tunnels safely and securely. Another cat-friendly feature is the addition of Velcro closures to safely tuck away excess material around the zipper openings when not attached. UJI Tunnels are made from quality materials and feature a plush chocolate brown exterior that blends with any décor. Consistent with Nekochan’s cat-friendly philosophy, the interior of each tunnel is ultra-soft, durable polyester padding, so the tunnel does double-duty as a comfy place for cats to sleep.

UJI Tunnel can be reconfigured to keep cats interested and can accommodate different size rooms and play areas. When it’s not in use (and to minimize retail floor space and maximize portability), UJI Tunnel collapses down effortlessly and fits into a stylish carry bag with handles.

UJI Tunnel World Debut at SuperZoo 2015: Visit Booth # 12157
Nekochan is debuting the UJI Tunnel System at SuperZoo 2015 with an interactive demo play space at Booth #12157. The company is offering an exclusive SuperZoo introductory discount of 15% on any tunnel purchase. (Valid July 21 to September 20, 2015)

The U Tunnel System is a plush “U” shape tunnel that can be used to create custom curves and corners. It is 6’ long, has an opening at each end and an opening in the middle. The U Tunnel features three zippers to allow it to be connected to any other tunnel in the UJI system.

This 5 foot long attachment offers an expansive chase experience for cats who like to sprint. It features a plush, stylish exterior and has zippers at both ends. It even has an opening on the top to allow cats to peep outside while hunting and to allow for play with cat teaser toys.

The heart of the UJI Tunnel System is the Nekochan I Tunnel. It features the same stylish, plush exterior with a crinkly interior for added stimulation. I Tunnel has high quality zipper attachments on each end and on opposite sides for maximum flexibility and fun. Used alone, I Tunnel is a great option for smaller spaces.

For cats who have a need for speed, Ellen recommends attaching the ITunnel to the J Tunnel for configuring pathways with curvatures.

Psychologically Designed for Active and Shy Cats
In addition to encouraging play, Nekochan’s new UJI Tunnel System can help shy cats feel safe during play and build confidence. The tunnel system can also be used to provide a safe passage space between cat beds and food areas or litter boxes to help shy cats acclimatize to new environments.

About Nekochan
UJI Tunnel is part of Nekochan’s premium, interactive product line that is designed to meet cats’ instinctual needs to Play (Neko Flies, Neko Birbug and Telescoping Rod), Hide (Neko Pawdz sleeping bag and pet house) and Seek (UJI Tunnel System).

Neckochan is dedicated to creating safe and enjoyable pet products. Neko Birbug and the Telescoping Rod, Neko Flies and Neko Pawdz are available at leading specialty retailers across North America.

Nekochan is the first cat toy and accessory brand to earn endorsement from TICA (The International Cat Association). To learn more and order products, visit or call 1-866-699-6356

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