Introducing Petique’s Kung Fu Paw Cat Scratcher, the Best Scratching Post You Can Buy!

Eco-friendly, durable and lightweight.


Are you wondering why your cat keeps rubbing your leg, even though you’ve given them all the necessary care? Is your pet truly seeking attention or do they just need a good scratching post to please their instinct to scratch and help with claw grooming?

Scratching is a natural habit of our feline friends and we should not deprive them of this basic need. You can easily please your kitty with the awesome Kung Fu Paw cat eco-friendly scratching post from Petique which allows your cats to sharpen their claws and stay happy and healthy!

Why is it essential to have a scratching post?

Understand your cat’s need to scratch. Cats scratch as a way to groom their claws and mark their territory. As we are sure every cat owner notices, your feline friend is fond of scratching your sofa, bed linens, curtains, or even your legs. Your cats might do this after eating or taking a nap, or maybe they just scratch all the time! Regardless of when, scratching is a natural habit that should be encouraged in a way that’s healthy for your cat, and your furniture.

So why is the Kung Fu Paw scratch post great for your cat? 

Petique Kung Fu Paw
Petique Kung Fu Paw Cat Scratcher

There are several reasons why we think Petique’s Kung Fu Paw scratching post is awesome, here’s why:

  • Easy to Assemble. This cat tree design is simple and easy to assemble. The Kung Fu Paw scratch post is a cardboard tree that will entertain and please your pet’s habits. It is best to place the post in a flat area and away from hot surfaces.
  • Biodegradable. Made with corrugated cardboard (which is a cat-scratching favorite!), this tree is eco-friendly. Once used, you can recycle it as plant manure or dispose of it without harming the environment.
  • Lightweight. The Kung Fu Paw scratch post is portable, and you can move it anywhere around the house. Despite its minimal weight, the post is durable enough for your cats to play around it.
  • Unique design. Kung Fu Paw features three scratch post arms to stimulate cat’s natural senses. Your cat would love this vertical scratch post built for stretching and exercise.

Teach your pet better scratching habits to avoid those cat marks on your furniture, and your legs! The Kung Fu Paw scratching post is made to entice your furry friends away from unwanted behavior and towards the right trimming practices.

Want more? Kung Fu Paw Scratching Post has a bonus feature!

During the SuperZoo 2018 Pet Convention, some customers bought extra Kung Fu Paw cardboard trees for their birds. According to the buyers, you can put seeds in the branches of the post for your birds to eat. Sounds fun, right?

Petique Kung Fu Paw

Kung Fu Paw scratching post has all the best features to control your cat’s unwanted scratching. Don’t wait until your furniture or precious linens are damaged. Give your cat an excellent treat. The Kung Fu Paw Scratch Post is available from the collection of eco-friendly products at

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  • Chappie

    Awesome Product, will get one for my feline 🙂

  • chappie dayoan

    Awesome scratch board, will definitely buy one for my feline!

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