Pets need plenty of fresh, clean water every day to remain healthy. Conventional water bowls often contain a small amount of water which can be further reduced by evaporation or spills leading to your pet being denied its daily drinking needs. Stagnant water is prone to dirt and dust.  Insufficient water consumption or dirty water can lead to illness.  Watering systems or Fountains provide flowing water but need batteries  or a power source and are expensive and bulky, making portability very challenging.

Introducing TORUS—a watering system and portable storage bowl all in one! TORUS (Latin for ‘hollow circular ring’) stores its water inside the reservoir walls ensuring an ample supply of water, protected from dust and contaminants. Each time your pet takes a drink, replacement water automatically flows from the storage area into the drinking well. Active carbon in the replaceable filter reduces flavours and trace elements commonly presented in municipal water supplies.

TORUS is exceptionally stable, its low profile geometry and soft rubber feet help prevent accidental spills by boisterous pets or passers-by. The water level in the drinking well is always high enough to allow easy drinking but low enough to minimise water spills and splashes. The water can even dispense in moving vehicles.

TORUS watering bowls are a go-anywhere bowl that doesn’t require batteries or power supply. The valve position, when locked, secures stored water inside the walls so you can take TORUS with you wherever you go.

TORUS comes in two sizes, 2L which is ideal for multi-pet homes and larger pets and a 1L which is perfect for smaller pets.  Each bowl comes with one carbon filter and the range includes replacement filters.  Torus is available in Pink, Charcoal, Red and Blue and has a 12 month warranty.

Available from Amazon and retail pet stores.
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