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Irresistible Cat-Themed Art!

Find the purrfect cat themed work or art for you and your home!

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Old school style meets modern day technology with these custom made, digital prints from Lili Di Prima. Working from a photo and description of your cat (because personality counts) Lili Di Prima creates these whimiscal images—perfectly capturing your unique cat. 

Lili Di Prima


For the sophisticated household nothing beats these fun and funky Business Cat paintings from Supah. Their posters and prints add a little whimsy to your home decor, but most importantly remind everyone of your deep seated respect for cats! 

Supah Cat Art


We can't get enough of these impossibly cute cartoons from Kitty Cassandra! Catching our attention immediately, these handmade prints come in tons of adorably quirky designs, including cat renditions of your favourite films and TV shows (like Game of Sits or Mad Max: Furry Road). Sure to bring joy to any household!  

Kitty Cassandra


Cats are complicated creatures, and these lifelike cat paintings by Melissa Smith art capture all the beauty and complexities of our beloved pets. By sending in an image of your cat you're rewarded with a handpainted masterpiece that memorializes all that you love about your feline friend. 

Melissa Smith Art


Colourful, cute, and quirky: these whimsical cat paintings by Jess Doutrich are sure to delight! Their vibrant colours will brighten up any room, and the cats' expressive faces (wide-eyed, distraught, bored, hungry) are bound to captivate any one looking. 

Jess Doutrich


Fine art and cats come together at last in these striking cat paintings by Poppenga art. These oil on wood paintings use colour and technique to mimic the essence of the cats they portray. Absolutely eye-catching!

Poppenga Art


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