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Senior cats crippled by sore joints, cats with cancer diagnoses… Increasingly, pet owners are turning to CBD to help their cats and are reporting remarkable results. Online, through your local dispensary, at pet stores—CBD is suddenly everywhere. Here’s why.


Medical marijuana has a surprising growth market: pets. People looking to help their senior cats regain mobility or ease the pain of cats battling cancer are turning to a hemp-derived product called CBD, or cannabidiol.

The stories are compelling—older cats playing like kittens again, cats battling cancer once again devouring their dinner, cats (and people) who suffer from seizures seeing a diminished or complete cessation of incidents. And that’s not all. From anxiety reduction to diminished pain, CBD seemingly does it all.

Q: But what exactly is it?

CBD is derived from hemp but, unlike THC, is not psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you—or your pet—high.

CBD is said to offer relief from pain, anxiety, and depression, stimulate the appetite and quell inflammatory response. Proponents testify it’s a remarkably effective, natural way to deal with all manner of ailments, including seizures while helping people and pets alike relax. Many, many cat people have found that their cats have a new lease on life following the administering of CBD.

Q: Where can I find it?

You’ll find pet-specific CBD products available in tinctures, oils, cat treats, and orally administered sprays, available in pet stores, dispensaries, and online shops.

Owners report that cats suffering from pain, anxiety, loss of appetite, and seizures, among other ailments, have shown remarkable improvement without suffering the side effects of conventionally prescribed medicines. The anecdotal evidence from pet owners that have seen a remarkable turnaround in their pets after administering CBD is pretty darn compelling, but as with everything, check with your vet. There are many proponents within the veterinary community who have seen success in treating a wide variety of ailments.

Q: But is it Legal?

In the U.S., if you are in 1 of the 10 cannabis-legal states (meaning they allow for recreational use—think California and Colorado), you can pick up CBD anywhere. Other states allow for medicinal marijuana (and derivative) use, and still, others allow access to CBD. Most retailers, advocates, and aficionados say that CBD products derived from hemp are okay to use, buy, and sell.

In Canada? No problem. Canada is the second nation in the world to legalize both the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana and marijuana-derived products like CBD. And Health Canada recently approved a clinical trial to research the use of cannabidiol (CBD) to treat animal anxiety.

CBD + Your Cat

Get started with CBD with these products designed for cats!


Made from organically grown hemp oil and wild Antarctic krill oil, Grizzly Pet Product’s Calming Aid for dogs and cats is designed to help your cat cope with nervousness, anxiety, and external stressors, all without drowsiness! $25,


Your little tiger will love Green Roads purr-fect CBD pet formula! These pharmacist formulated, non-intoxicating, third-party lab-tested CBD pet drops can help your cat with anxiety, pain relief, and more. $20,


Your cat deserves to chill and Chill Paws is on a mission to make that happen! Their full-spectrum CBD oil uses 100 percent hemp-derived CBD and can help with your cat’s anxiety, arthritis, and more. Plus it won’t break the bank for pet parents! $25,


Made with organic and natural ingredients, Pet CBD from Myriam’s Hope is formulated for maximum absorption and efficacy making it a great option for your kitty. This full-spectrum oil is also sugar-free and vegan so you know your cat is only getting the best. $35,

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