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Ask a pet parent to describe their animals and you’ll probably hear a happier shift in tone as they tell you stories of their pets, who are family, best friends, favorite goofballs, and fur kids. You’ll notice how important their pet’s health is to them, because in the middle of all the walkies and cuddles is the fear of losing them. What if we told you there are ways out there to help your best friend live healthier, happier lives. Natural high-quality supplements can help pets with digestion, with disease support, and with overall health and well-being.

Why Use Natural Supplements for Pets?

Did you know over a third of Americans use natural remedies? People choose natural therapies for themselves and for their pets for several reasons.

When conventional medicines are not available

Some pet parents opt for natural support when there are no conventional treatments available. For example, Milk Thistle is a wonderful herb to help heal the liver, and there are currently no conventional medications that can do this. The same is true of struvite stones and calcium oxide stones (a common disorder in middle aged cats and dogs). Even diseases like FeLV or FIV in cats do not have a pharmaceutical medicine to specifically treat the condition, but there are wonderful herbs out there than can help these little kitties cope.

When you need to supplement with conventional medication

Many pet parents opt to include herbs like Turmeric to support their pets alongside conventional treatments. Mushrooms like Turkey Tail, an ingredient in NHV’s Natures Immuno supplement, is highly researched for its benefits against cancer, and is a great addition to chemotherapy.

NHV herbal remedies were formulated by a holistic vet and master herbalist and are made with high quality organic or ethically wild crafted herbs. The raw plant material as well as every single batch of finished product are tested in-house and re-tested again by third-party labs. We offer professional guidance to pet parents with in-house veterinary staff capable of helping concerned pet parents understand their pet’s blood work and give a second holistic opinion.

Common Health Problems with Natural Options

There are some health conditions that sadly so many pets will experience during their lives. These include common problems like arthritis, diarrhea, anxiety and more serious diseases like lymphoma, heart failure, diabetes or thyroid imbalances. Our veterinary care pet experts take the example of two common health problems to explain how natural supplements fit in for pets:

 Natural Support for Food Allergies in Pets: Advice from Dr. Amanda Nascimento, DVM, MVSc., PhD

 A food allergy at its most basic level is an exaggerated immune response from the body to a particular substance in the food. Often pets with allergies will have gastrointestinal issues (diarrhea, vomiting), itchy skin—which may in some case may lead to lesions as the animal scratches and bites. Common suspects of food allergies are additives, preservatives, and other chemicals used in industrialized products— some foods even have dyes, which in addition to causing allergies, impairs the absorption of nutrients to the body.

Prevention is always a first step: feed a high-quality diet. Homemade, balanced meals developed by a veterinarian, like Dr. Amanda are good first steps. While conventional medicine would mean doing elaborate elimination diets and allergy tests, an NHV supplement called Stimmune can help these pets cope with the symptoms of food allergies in a gentler and more natural way. It will help balance the immune system and keep your pet comfortable while you figure out which food it is that they may be allergic to.

Natural Support for FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease): Advice from Johanna Reel, Registered Veterinary Technician

A common problem in male cats is that they can become ‘blocked’. Small crystals form in the urine with the change in pH due to diet or urinary tract infections. These crystals can cause blockages in the urethra of male cats, due to the narrowness of the passage.  These blockages can cause a cat to be unable to urinate, which can become a life-threatening emergency. NHV Tripsy may help to prevent and dissolve these crystals, keeping them from forming into larger bladder stones and preventing blockage. Tripsy also helps to support the kidneys, which can become quite stressed and damaged during urinary blockage.

NHV Tripsy just finished a Phase I clinical study at the University of Georgia where it was found that Tripsy may be beneficial in lowering the risk of struvite crystals in cats, as well as in reducing the risk of calcium oxalate crystals in adult dogs.

NHV products are western herbal naturopathic botanicals and can be a complementary therapy to help support pets fighting a specific condition or can even be used as a preventative. If you’ve seen your pet chomp on grass to help throw up any unsettled tummy content, then you know how their bodies are designed to suit natural ways. Maybe it’s time to support your fur kid naturally. NHV Pet Experts would love to help you find a supplement that will help your pet the most.

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