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Toys to delight every type of cat


Rustlin’ Winged Bug Teaser wand toy

Does your cat stare at birds all day or go crazy over laser pointers? This bug teaser toy will be your new best friend. With fluttering wings that make rustling sounds as you shake it, the Rustlin’ Winged Bug Teaser wand toy from Petki will have your cat-obsessed for hours! ($10,

Cloud Nine Silver Vine

If catnip doesn’t do it for your cat, try Dezi & Roo’s Cloud Nine Silver Vine. This natural powder is stronger than catnip and provides stress and anxiety relief for a happier cat! Simply sprinkle on your cat’s favourite toy, sit back, and enjoy the show! ($8,

pizza-shaped toy

Hot and ready, have a slice! Share your love of pizza with your kitty with these adorable pizza-shaped toys from Oh My Cat Shop. Made with 100% organic materials and filled with catnip, these too-cute toys will deliver tons of fun! ($10,

Purr and Pounce Cat Tunnel

P.L.A.Y.’s Purr and Pounce Cat Tunnel is everything. The luxurious plush interior will make your cat feel comfy cozy while the dangling mouse toy (with a pocket for catnip!) will keep your feline friend occupied for hours. Ideal for play time, rest, hiding, and just chilling out! ($60,

Wine and Cheese catnip toys.

Let your cat join you in enjoying the finer things in life with Munchie Cat’s Wine and Cheese catnip toys. Complete with catnip infused cheese, merlot, fig and olive toys, it’s the perfect play time treat for your playful and sophisticated kitty! ($40,

Octopus toys

Let your cat bat about a fun toy you can feel great about. These adorable octopus toys are made using only anti-microbial and odour resistant pure wool, natural soap and water, and non-toxic dyes. The best part? Your purchase supports artisans in Nepal. ($18,


Here are some ways to keep your kitty happy And active!

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