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Toys to delight every type of cat


You’ve always been told to never play with your food, but now you and your cat can! This deliciously adorable Munchiecat Catnip Sushi Deluxe toy set will keep your cat active and healthy. $45,

Awaken your cat’s hunting instincts with the Furious Mouse from EnRoutePets! Your cat will have the best time chasing this remote control mouse that even features a moveable tail and produces squeaking sounds to mimic live prey. If you cat is a night time play enthusiast, the mouse lights up making it easier to see! $65,


Watch your kitty go crazy for the Katapult from KuhleKatz! This interactive toy features a catnip infused mouse on a spring that bounces around mimicking real prey for your cat and if the mouse is “hiding” inside the Katapult, a peek-a-boo window means your cat can still bat and play! $20,

Wanting an innovative feeding solution for your cat? Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Feeder will ensure your cat gets to harness their natural instincts and hunt, catch, and play with several small meals a day. $20,


With the Flying Bird Drone from Amazingly Cat, it’s like there is a fun bird for your cat to watch, chase and catch right in your home! Easily fly it around the house and watch your cat play and hunt to their heart’s content. $48,


The best gift for play obsessed kitties, The Ultimate Cat Fishing Box will have your cat jumping for joy! Featuring 2 fishing rods with a range of fun attachments from bird to shrimp toys, Tiger Grass catnip, a laser, and more, whichever cat gets this is one very spoiled and happy feline! (Each item can also be purchased separately) $180,

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