We’ve found the perfect feeder for all day grazing and multi-pet households where food stealing is a problem!
What to do when one of your cats keeps eating another’s food? We have a nifty, high-tech solution to this vexing problem! The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder ($150) only opens when an authorized cat approaches. (The feeder recognizes the cat through their existing microchip or the SureFlap RFID collar tag.) When the right cat approaches, the lid over the feeding bowl opens and remains open until the cat leaves. This is especially useful if one of your cats is on a prescription diet, plus it keeps food fresh, keeps pests away, and diminishes the smell of cat food in your home! Genius.

Filter and store your cat’s water so she always has a fresh, clean supply! The ergonomic Torus water bowl ($60) is innovatively designed to store water in the bowl’s food-grade hollow walls, protecting the water from contaminants and auto- replenishing as your cat drinks. A low profile means no spills and its valve-lock feature makes it perfect for travel too!


Lead image: Oreo submitted by Marion Leggett