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It’s Tummy Tuesday!

It's the best day of the week!

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Tuesdays are our favourite day of the week! All the kitties below agree, celebrating our weekly #TummyTuesday by stretching, rolling, and showing those fuzzy tums! Photos submitted by participants in our Modern Cat Photocontest.


1) Sylvester

“I tawt I taw a puddy cat! I did! I did see a puddy cat!”  (Sylvester submitted by Samantha)


2) Cheesey-poof

I may have lost my eye, but I’ll always have my adorable fuzzy tum! (Cheesey-poof submitted by Paula G)


3) Bubbles

With fuzz like this, how can I not rock out Tummy Tuesday? (Bubbles submitted by Ally)


4) Toby

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! (Toby submitted by Andrew S)


5) Precious

Am I a kitty, or the best pillow ever? You decide! (Precious submitted by Cindy)


6) Mikey

Pictured: pure bliss. (Mikey submitted by Elaine and Jerry).


7) Archie

If this isn’t a perfect #TummyTuesday photo, I don’t know what is! (Archie submitted by Christine).


8) Scout

Scout revels in that fickle spring sunshine for #TummyTuesday! (Scout submitted by Leslie DJ).


9) Azlan

Some cats hate Mondays, but cats like Azlan know that Tummy Tuesdays are where it’s at! (Azlan submitted by Suzanne B)


10) Sugarbaby/Shug

The face you make when you’ve found the perfect spot and don’t want to be moved… – Sugarbaby, aka Shug

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