Do you love cats but hate the thought of cleaning the litter box? Do wish there was an easier, faster more hygienic way to clean up after your furry friend? Then you are ready for the KittyScoop Litter Helper, named the worlds best litter scooper, KittyScoop won the prestigious 2014 Family Choice Award and is built in the USA.
With a patent pending design and bag system, the KittyScoop finally allows you to scoop and bag the litter in one simple step reducing dust, allergens & smell while eliminating the mess and contact with dirty litter, finally answering cat owners prayers. With KittyScoop there are no more gross moments and cleaning the litter is now a simple and quick process.
To use KittyScoop just take a bag from the stored roll behind handle, open scooper by pushing forward on front tab and place a single open bag into the front chamber securing ends around rubber ring. Once bag is in chamber close scooper to lock bag in place. KittyScoop has a trap door which keeps contents in chamber when scooping. When the litter fills up chamber and the trap door can’t close it’s time to retrieve bag for disposal. Simply hold scooper upright and push forward on tab to retrieve bag. KittyScoop has a back door release for quickly dumping contents in trash with or with out a bag.