The cat with a signature soft and wavy coat


The LaPerm cats humble beginnings were on an Oregon farm in the early 1980’s. A bald kitten born in a litter seemed to have no resemblance to its litter mates or its parents. Within a few weeks, a soft and curly coat began to grow in. That kitten was eventually bred and, in subsequent generations, more bald kittens were born and the curly coat repeated. 


LaPerm cats comes in various colours and coat patterns, and they might have a soft wavy coat or tight ringlets. This breed has two different coat lengths, long and short, and come in a variety of colours and patterns. Interestingly, LaPerm kittens can be born with straight hair, short hair, or no hair at all. Although they often have curly and seemingly unruly fur, LaPerms are surprisingly easy to groom. They benefit from the occasional brush one to three times a week.


The LaPerm is an easygoing and friendly cat that enjoys spending time with those around them. They are curious and inquisitive, but do love to curl up on the couch or your lap for some rest and relaxation. LaPerms are the perfect breed for anyone looking for a relaxed yet intelligent cat. They frequently use their paws to open or knock things over.


LaPerm cat sitting

Stina submited by Jessica Ulfsdotter

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