Who cares about a pot of gold when you can find catnip at the end of the rainbow? Stuffed with only organically grown, premium, and potent YEOWWW! Catnip, this handmade toy from DuckyWorld Products uses no other fillers to ensure the full ‘nip experience. $8, Yeowww.com

A platform plus scratchers, and a toy, oh my! The Armarkat Premium Cat X2001 tree has it all—and in a nice compact package that won’t take over your home. Perfect for a single-cat household, this scratcher-tree combo offers everything the discerning kitty needs to nap or play. $40, Armarkat.com

Satisfy your cat’s inner ferocious predator with the playful Catch interactive feeder from The Company of Animals. A natural hunter, kitty will love to forage for food among the spikes designed to resemble a tuft of grass. As well as being fun, the feeder slows down voracious eaters to help avoid the dreaded scarf and barf. CompanyOfAnimals.us 

Chasing lasers has long been a source of entertainment for cats as the unpredictable movement of the light mimics prey and awakens the hunter within. Go Kitty Cat has delivered a high-tech version with Magic Dot. You can control the laser using a smartphone or tablet and even program it to run when you are away!  $50, GoKittyCat.com

Your cats deserve the finer things in life! Spoil them with this sophisticated selection of catnip cheese toys (brie, gouda, and parmesan) from Munchiecat. This adorable three-piece set includes crinkle paper and rattle toys that are made with soft, minky fabric and infused with catnip. Say cheese! $15, Amazon.com/munchiecat

Challenge your kitty to bring out her inner hunter using the temptation of treats! The fish cat treat toy from Aikiou can be easily stuffed with your cat’s favourite snack, leading to hours of engaging and stimulating play time. $5, Aikiou.com