We definitely work hard to spoil our cats! Wear your love and dedication on your sleeve with this cute and comfy cotton shirt from Munchiecat. $20, munchiecat.com

Cats groom each other as a form of social bonding; this new brush lets you bond with your cat like a cat (but without the furballs!). Made of food-grade silicon rubber, the mouth-held Licki brush will help you develop a more intimate relationship with your cat. $25, pdxpetdesign.com

Upgrade your cat’s bathroom situation. World’s Best Cat Litter is a natural, high-performance clumping litter our cats love. Combining corn with super-absorbent plant fibers, this pet, people and planet-friendly litter quickly traps litter in tight clumps so no scraping of the box is necessary! Low dust, long lasting, and flushable, this litter is perfect for multi-cat households! From $7, WorldsBestCatLitter.com

Trekkies rejoice! Your cat will look adorable in this handmade, vintage blue Star Trek collar with a silver charm featuring Spock’s famous hand. These adjustable collars from FurociousKitty have a safety release breakaway buckle so your cat can live long and prospurrrr! $13, Etsy.com/shop/FurociousKitty


Clip on some Christmas spirit! Decorated with festive trees and snowflakes, this detachable bow tie from Made By Cleo will add some holiday cheer to your cat’s collar. Tons of fun designs are available so you can get party ready at any time of year. $9, MadeByCleo.com