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Give your indoor cat a safe taste of the outdoors with a catio! Catio Spaces takes the guesswork out of building a catio with their downloadable DIY Catio Plans that include instructions, a material and tool list, and detailed diagrams. There are designs available for your windows, deck, patio or yard—the possibilities for cat-venture are endless! From $40,

Handcrafted with love, Sweet Pickles Designs’ huge selection of adorably dapper bow ties will definitely leave your cat spoiled for choice! We love the bright and beautiful floral fabric of The Botanical Kitty cat bow tie, but with so many awesome patterns it’s definitely hard to choose. $7,

Multi-pet homes can run into a host of problems at mealtime. Whether it be an overweight kitty, a thieving pup or a prescription diet, the microchip reading pet feeder from Sure Petcare can help! This feeder only opens when an authorized pet tries to eat and closes again when they leave. It also helps keep the food fresher, longer. $150,

Make grooming less of a chore and more about bonding with the awesome two-sided Furbliss brush. Soft silicone bristles gently massage while you brush your cat, deshedding and exfoliating to leave your cat’s coat smooth, silky, and shiny. It can be used wet or dry and the backside even removes fur from your furniture, clothing, and cars. A must have! $17,

Interested in the benefits of a raw diet but not too excited about all the prep work? Primal Pet Foods does all the mixing, measuring, and chopping for you with their Raw Frozen Feline Formula—all you have to do is put it in the bowl! Available in eight different delicious flavours your cat will love! $21,

Dress to impress with Furocious Kitty’s handmade cat collars, featuring a curved safety release buckle and a D-ring with attached bell. With TONS of playful pattern options—from galactic swirls to cute fishies—your cats are sure to find a collar that matches their unique personality! $13,

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