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KATRIS™ is… well, it’s a lot of things! It's a cat climbing tree, a bookshelf, a cat scratcher, an organizing shelf, a coffee table, a shoe rack… or just about anything you can imagine. KATRIS is different. It’s the only cat scratching post that doubles as a stylish, durable, versatile and 100% recyclable furniture piece for you. The blocks were designed based on your favorite 80s tile-matching game… There are five different shapes (letters I, L, O, T and Z), but there are countless ways the block can be rearranged, switched up, and integrated with existing furniture. The more blocks you have the more fun it is, and all the shapes fit together like a perfect game of Tetris®!

KATRIS offers the unique combination of providing cats with a fun, stress-relieving outlet, while at the same time providing the owner with a  functional and stylish furniture piece they can use for storage, sitting areas, as a table, or for decorating their home. Finally, felines and humans can share and enjoy the same space together! (As a disclaimer, your cat still “owns” everything in your place…)

KATRIS blocks are completely “green;” they're made from 90% post-consumer content, contain only non-toxic ingredients, and are 100% recyclable. They're made from over 200 sheets of heavy-duty paper and can withstand up to 300 pounds (the weight of two average-sized teenage boys!). KATRIS blocks also last significantly longer than most regular cat scratchers, and can even be placed outside on a patio or balcony and withstand most types of weather for a good while.

KATRIS was made to get you closer to your cat. You and your furry friend can share and interact in the same space and you can live together more harmoniously than ever thought possible… Rearrange and change up the shapes as you please and your cat desires –  the possibilities of KATRIS are endless. It's an Ever-Changing Playground™.

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