I often wonder about my cat’s inner life (although I’m also pretty sure that it’s a continual mental repeat of “food, nap, litter, nap, scratch, nap”). For novelist Cathy Unruh, she imagined the early life of her rescued cat Lucy Miracle, who was born on Cat Cay in the Bahamas into the life of a feral cat. Lucy Miracle was trapped in one of the first TNR efforts on the island, and she was adopted by Unruh. Unruh has turned her pen into imagining Lucy’s life as a feral and her journey into becoming part of Unruh’s family. The result was Taming Me, a book that’s earning rave reviews for its engrossing plot and compassionate depiction of the life of stray and feral cats.

Lucy Miracle has travelled a long way from Cat Cay, but she’s hitting the road again, travelling across the United States and visiting many fundraising events for cat shelters and rescue groups, like Colony Cats in Columbus, OH, and the Humane Society of Tampa, FL. We at Modern Cat wish Lucy Miracle safe travels and we can’t wait to get a hold of our copy of Taming Me!