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Meet Our Newest Star Cat Winner!

The votes are in and the winner is...

And we have a winner!! Congratulations to our Star Cat Photo Contest winner, the adorable Marten! He’s on a mission to show people how great black cats are 

Name: Marten

Breed: Domestic Short Hair


“With so much negativity being thrown at humans, my favorite thing to do on my pages is make people smile. I like to think of myself as an ambassador of happiness! I also hope to show people how great black cats are! Superstitions about black animals persist, and I’m here to show people they are unwarranted. Black cats are good luck!” – Marten (via owner Erin)

Marten will receive a professional photo shoot and will appear in the next issue of Modern Cat magazine! Pre-order your copy now by visiting our subscription center and entering the code MARTEN for an additional discount on your subscription.

Thank you to everyone who participated and extra special thanks to our friends at Sure Petcare #BlackCatsRule

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  • J. David Scott

    Black cats rock!!!! I have a LARGE black Tom and EVERYONE loves him!

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