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Meet Tom, the cat with a very special gift

Tom the cat has 'sixth sense' in comforting ailing veterans

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Appointed feline friend, counselor and caretaker at Salem VA Medical Center in Salem, Virginia, Tom the cat has a sixth sense in comforting ailing veterans. Tom has quickly made a reputation for himself as the cat who knows more about empathy than his humans who love him. 

The love is two-fold, as those who love Tom feel his connection as they work through rehabilitation and hospice/palliative care. Tom takes special care to make sure those who need his love recieve it.

Tom helps both patients and staff feel less stress allowing a more homelike environment to fill the hospital through good and bad times.

Even those who are a bit hestiate towards Tom at first, instantly fall for his calm and caring demenour and his ability to be there when they need him most. 

Like most cats, Tom is territorial and works to protect his home and those he cares for, even once scaring a visiting mastiff away from the hospital! 

Tom clearly thinks he is a human and therefore cares for both patients and staff as if they were his family. Like humans, when one of his humans dies, Tom takes time to reflect and be by himself for awhile before going back to his "sixth sense" duty.

Tom is truly one of a kind and helps to bring joy and compassion into the heart of everyone who visit and stay at Salem VA Medical Center.

Origial story via: Today

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