In Memory of Ani


November 17, 2013 — November 21, 2014

Ani was found in our barn, from thin air it seemed. We immediately fell in love with him. His black nose and whiskers, so fluffy and soft. When we took him in to feed him, he rolled over and stretched as if to say "love my new digs". We couldn't resist, we had to keep him. We found out he was FIV+, but we decided we wanted him to live the best life possible. For the next year, he was healthy, active and happy. He loved being outdoors, but would still come in and sleep at my feet. He wasn't one to sit in your lap, but he would come and sit as close to you as possible, maybe to even push you out of the chair! Ani would even join me on my daily walks around the pond. He knew we loved him, we were his people. At his ani-versary, we could see he was fading. All we could do was love him. We had Ani 6 more days. He is now buried on the land he loved. We are grateful for the time we had him with us. We know that he did indeed live the best life possible. We miss you Ani. We love you Ani.

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