In Memory of Archimedes


November 17, 1987 — May 10, 2010

Archimedes was rescued by me at 6 weeks from the RSPCA. She'd been kicked and mistreated and was very nervous. In fact her 4 siblings had to be put to sleep as they were too badly brain damaged from the abuse they had suffered. Archimedes was clearly a survivor.

She'd been seen by several people before me but had retreated to the back of the cage. But when I went to see her, she almost launched herself at me out of the cage onto my shoulder! (They say cats choose their owners).

We bonded very easily and she wanted to be with me all the time, whether on my lap, the bed or just next to me. I had her until she was 22.5 years old and during that time she and I were inseparable.

To this day I miss her and the bond we had.

It took me 4 years to be ready to get another cat and I now have 4 beautiful rescue girls, 2 of whom are blind. I love them to bits, especially my blind girl Moet, but Archimedes will always have a piece of my heart.

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