In Memory of basie


January 23, 1988 — October 7, 1999

Basie was my first cat....She was unique is that she would cuddle up in one's lap for hours at a time, give kitty kisses while putting her paws around one's neck. Basie would also be the most wonderful cat; she would allow me to give her medication and to cut her nails. She died October 7,1999 and my husband died two years later on the EXACT date. One thing I would like to mention...when Sable died and I came back from the hospital, I thought I heard a meow in the now-empty kitchen. I brushed it off, thinking nothing of it until my husband came into the kitchen, asking did I hear a meow...We both heard the meow at the exact time...I am a firm believer that Basie was on her way to the rainbow bridge and wanted to let us know that she is ok. Now I draw comfort knowing that my late husband and the cat are keeping each other company....Rest in peace, Basie. You were the best kitty!

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