In Memory of Bubby


March 18, 2000 — October 19, 2013

Bubby was my baby boy. He was more than a cat, he was my child. He was an ornery boy who only trusted me and no one else. With me he was a gentle giant, always there to comfort me. With everyone else, he was a moody beast who wanted nothing to do with anyone. Despite his moodiness he was my baby boy.

For 13 years we would fall asleep "spooning". He would tuck his forehead under my chin and would fall asleep only after I would give him a few kisses. When he wasn't cuddling me asleep he would lay right outside my bedroom door as though on watch for danger.

Bubby was a smart boy who played fetch, would respond correctly to your commands, and was trained not to harm birds or other small animals.

He was tragically taken from me and I still grieve him every night. He was my world; my protector; my comfort. I feel empty and alone each night without his gentle purr and fulfilling snuggles.

I only find peace in knowing that he is no longer in pain. I will love him forever.

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