In Memory of Calvin


August 19, 1996 — February 12, 2013

Calvin was the love of our lives. We had this sweet boy for 17 years. He started getting sick and losing weight in December of last year. He lost 4 of his 9 pounds. We took him to the vet and started off with antibiotic shots several times a week. The vet thought he had an abscessed tooth so we had him pull it. That was not the problem. He continued losing weight even though he was always eating and constantly drinking. We made the very tough but humane decision to send him to the rainbow bridge. It was the toughest decision we have ever had to make. He made our lives so much richer by being in our lives. We still miss him and love him. There are some days I still cry for him. We decided to get another cat to fill our home with love. She is "Kit" an all black beauty. We have had her for 9 months now and love her just as much as we did Calvin. We will see you at the rainbow bride someday Calvin!

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