In Memory of China Charissa Ligas/Truxell


November 7, 1996 — November 7, 2013

China...One of the sweetest cats on earth. China was a big girl (big boned). She might have looked kind of scary to those who didn't really know her (and she WOULD fight like a big black bear if you tried to brush her long fur). But...she was PURE love both for humans and for other cats. She wanted to be on top of my husband and me if we were cuddling. She wanted to be loved all the time. She loved going outside with us on the top deck (only outside time she was allowed). She groomed her adopted kitten siblings and left Egypt (who came before her and didn't care for other cats) alone. I can't even begin to explain the unadulterated love that was China...Miss you/love you, my little China doll.

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