In Memory of Chiquita


December 31, 1993 — August 30, 2005

Growing up I wasn't into cats. I didn't dislike them, my mom just always had dogs. When we moved down from NY to FL, my mom started getting supplies and things for a cat. We went a Saturday to a house from an add on the paper about free kittens. I picked her out of a liter of black kittens. Long story short, me and her became extremely attached. She was my friend. She would follow me when I went off on my skateboard, I would have to bring her back. As I started driving she would come running over when I came home. I had a clap for her and she would always come inside. Things were not so great at home and I eventually moved back to NY. I wanted to bring her but was afraid. I got to see her one last time in 04. Her health wasn't that good but our love was still there. I miss her so much and still dream of her. She taught me to really care for animals and now persue to be a vet tech to give back. Also because I wish so much I could have helped her stay a little longer. Miss and love you4e

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