In Memory of Clara Schumann Long


October 24, 2007 — July 5, 2014

We got Clara when she was six months old. Daddy wanted her, but mommy didn't. Mommy had never had pets and grew up hating and fearing them. After only a few months Clara grew on her mommy and became our little girl.
Clara has special things with each parent. She would always follow daddy around the house and chase him around when he would start picking on her. Every morning Clara would sit on the couch next to mommy while she watched the news and ate her breakfast. Clara also enjoyed watching the muppet movies and How to Train a Dragon. We remember her every Christmas trying to take the decorations off the tree and play with the lights. This Christmas will be the hardest.
Clara died of kidney diesease and we didn't know she had it until to late and the vet told us the best thing to do was put her down. We had no idea on July 5th when we took her to the vet that we wouln't be bringing her back. RIP CLARA!

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