In Memory of Fabiola Venturi


November 24, 1994 — October 24, 2012

If you want a fantastic portrait of your cat, contact Cats In Clothes; the artist Heather Mattoon-Fischer is incredible. Fabiola was my very best friend of all time. She was my first Norwegian Forest Cat, adopted from the shelter. She passed at home with the help of a great vet, Dr. Marie Miller, after 18 years of love, purrs and fur darn near everywhere. I still find it around this house, to this day. She was able to stretch her back legs way behind her, stright out, and also was able to raise both in the air to give herself a wipe; thus, her nickname PeePee. She was beautiful, kind, loving and not a day goes by in which I do not think of her, dream about her, or see her just around the corner. Her beautiful portrait hangs in the hall, with the rest of our family. Her portrait shows her in traditional Norwegian dress, the bunad.

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