In Memory of Fairy (Rose)


July 11, 1995 — September 19, 2015

I was four year's old when Fairy was born, I remember because she had the same birthday as my cousin. Her mother Fluffy was busy nursing the others, and Fairy immediately appeared the runt. I felt protective of her and called her Fairy Rose, because she was small and fragile but beautiful. During her life she has lived in Dorset, Scotland and finally passed away in rural Wales. I was not there as I work in London, but my mother was with her, as was Misty, our other beautiful feline friend. Fairy was exceptionally needy, she would want to be with human company at all times, even when you were taking a shower. If I cried as a child, she would lick me. She and Fluffy would go on adventures with me in the local woods. Friends told me they'd never seen such a friendly cat. She died aged 20 and was very loved. In the wake of all that's happening in the world, I thought about her last night and had a cry. I wish I had been with her to say goodbye.

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