In Memory of Happy


January 1, 2008 — August 10, 2012

Happy was such a lovable kitty. He was always wanting attention and treats. He passed away because he had cancer at the age of 4. He loved everyone and loved to play.He had 2 favorite toys, one was a toy with a string on the end of a plastic stick, the other was a little brown mouse that he chewed the ears off of.He always slept in the bed with us every night, he was our bed buddy and we miss him so much, even after 3 years it still seems like it was yesterday.I will never get over losing my Happy to cancer when it could have been prevented.I had took him to Afford A Vet on Richmond Rd, Lexington, Ky.the Vet that saw him didn't even look in his mouth or she would have seen that he was eat up with cancer, sold me some antibiotics and where his nose was crusted over he could not breath and a cat that can't smell won't eat,they have to be able to smell their food and she tried to sell me some wet cat food, I told her NO it was a waste of time because he can't smell she said warm it up.err

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