In Memory of Hat – no photo remains of him. uploaded photo is of Bat and Gladys


June 13, 1969 — September 11, 1972

Hat was a huge double pawed ginger tabby. He was smart, playful, vocal, was very bonded to me. I fought having him put down and nursed hum through distemper staying with him aa much as possible. He would bring me dead prey and prefered eating in my bedroom. I was distressed when he went missing, discovered my Mother who found him annoying had given him away and convinced her to return him to me. When my sister and I refused to travel to Oregon when the Clinton, CT house was sold as part of an alcohol addiction intervention I heard he was not with my family driving to Eugene, OR. I got in trouble for riding my bicycle 27 miles back to our old home to hunt for him. I was put on a flight to Eugene, OR by my Aunt and Uncle as uncontrollable. I found out he had been put down in revenge by my mother. I never forgave or forgot or forgot disowning Mom completely. My kitties Bat and Gladys are the first cats I've had since 1972. The grief and pain took a long time to go away. I still love him

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