In Memory of Isabeau


August 17, 1995 — November 10, 1999

Isabeau (white & gray cat in pic) was an amazing cat. The first time I saw her I had heard her hissing out my front door. I went and looked and she was hissing at a dog that I can only assume had been chasing her. I scared the dog away and she walked right up to me, meowed and that was it, I took her in. No one ever claimed her, nor where any posters ever put up, lucky for me!!! One thing she loved was licorice. No matter where she was at, if she was within smelling distance and I started eating it, she would be at my feet, staring up at me and if I didn't give it to her then, she would jump up on the couch and sit by my side, staring and meowing at me!!! I always gave in. She disappeared after the brown tabby (Nefatiri) in the pic died. She would be gone for a couple weeks, I would cry, she would returned for a few days and be off again, and the process would start again, until the last time when she didn't come back. I guess I should have had her see Nefatiri before I buried her...

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