In Memory of Jacob


May 1, 2009 — June 7, 2014

Jacob was adopted from the humane society at the age of 5. I had lost my previous cat almost a year ago and adopted Jacob in February. He was found as a stray and had frostbite on his ears and paws. Jacob settled in nicely in his new home and once spring came around I started bringing him outside on a leash, to which he escaped and after that I just let him loose cause he always came back. Last Saturday I hadn't seen him all day and he finally showed up and was panting and breathing fast. After a few hours of this it didn't stop so I brought him to the emergency animal hospital. Turns out Jacob had a heart condition, cardiac respiratory edema. His lungs were filled with fluid at that point which is why he couldn't breathe. The vet said they could operate but that he might pass during and even if he didn't he would have problems with his heart from now on. I did not want him to suffer so I had to make the decision of putting him down. He is now resting in peace.. Miss you Jakey! xox

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