In Memory of Josie


February 14, 2008 — August 15, 2013

After saying goodbye to Boo, my heart was broken. He was a rescue that had been abused. When I walked into the pet shop to purchase supplies, I saw you. You seemed so withdrawn and sad. So, I asked if I could take you from your cage, and we walked around the store for a while. And, I returned the next night to do the same. The next day, Good Friday, I went back and adopted you. I promised you that you would have a better life. You now would have a life with Dolly and Sophie, you sisters. I hope the few years I was able to give you meant something. You had a very tough start in life. Whoever gave you up seemed to have abused you in many ways. So, my Josie, I pray that the two and a half years I shared with you gave you happiness and comfort. You are at peace. Say hello to Dolly, Boo, Mimi, Gray and Henry for me. God Love You, My Big Girl. Miss you very much...Mommy

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