In Memory of Kajsa


May 16, 1995 — August 30, 2011

Kajsa, a silver tabby, was Kismet's mother. She moved from my brothers house to me in 1998 when she was three years, on account of her being more and more aggressive toward her own kittens, the other adult cat, the dog and the human children in residence. I do not know what would have happened to her if I had not taken her in... When she moved in she was so thin, but that did not last... then after six months or so I was also given one of her kittens - Kismet.
[She's the cat memorial below.]
Kajsa was wonderful, always in my lap, very cooperative and mega purring. She only had one functioning kidney when she got older, and that stopped functioning.
She and her daughter is buried together in the plaid she lies on in the picture. Their favourite plaid...
I miss them and love them...

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