In Memory of Kitty-The Manx


April 30, 2006 — October 31, 2012

Kitty is the One on top of the Stand thats the Manx,the greatest cat we have ever had..So good..He would keep tabs on ya,anywhere you would be..The minute you moved he was right beside you all the time..I luved him so much..Such an great animal..would luv to get a another one, one day..Miss him sooooooooo much..Smart cookie he was...

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  • Albert DiBella

    I Own a Manx My Self (Very Smart) Understands What we say and Meows Back in Response . When we sleep He Sleeps Next to us. Retrieves His Toys to us and Plays with us Like its his last day on earth.Runs around the house Galloping like a horse out of control ( We know when this is coming when his eyes turn Jet Black and he Lets out strange noises an Climbs on Everything and chases us around the house, Hes a riot. Very Affectionate and wouldn’t trade him for anything. First Cat ever in my house and would never take him over a dog. Hes a member of my house.

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