In Memory of Maddie


October 10, 1998 — February 24, 2015

Woken 5-6am by loud meows, especially if she heard my alarm go off. She didnt understand why weekends were different. Demanded to go down stairs. Demanded sliced turkey treat. Demanded to go outside on the patio for exploring. Then demanded attention and pets from on top of my Bible. We had great conversations and time together. Almost half my life, she was there. She was the only thing that didnt change in the last 16 years. it was her and I against the world. I must write her story and all she put up with. so many apartments, roommates and animals. the last one, a pug, I'm sure she thought was a little flat-faced monster instead of a normal looking dog. She wanted nothing to do with her. She couldn't wait for me to sit down and rub her belly. She would stop in her tracks if you rubbed her belly and fall over for more. she would sometimes let me hold her like a teddy bear when i was going to bed. She just wanted to be close. Received her ashes, a clay paw mold and fur today. #healing

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