In Memory of Marcie


April 2, 1998 — August 7, 2013

Marcie was a feral that lived on my covered back porch for 15 years. The only time I touched her was when I trapped her and brought her back from the vet. I use to pray that if anything ever happened to her I would be able to catch her and take her to vet. I did not want her to go off and die. Marcie out lived her Mom and all her siblings. She was a tough old gal. She ate the best food and got all the attention. When she developed kidney failure she went away for two days and I worried. My son who grew up with her came to visit and she returned that day. She let my son pick her up and we were able to take her to have her examined to say she had kidney failure. We had her put to sleep while see laid in my lap and we petted her to comfort her. I thanked God he let it end this way for I always worried about her. If you read this story you want get it unless you have been involved with ferals. We have a plaque we made that hangs on our porch that reads: Marcie's Porch( thank you rescuers)

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