In Memory of Mauraj Tiny Maat Maus Brown


January 19, 2005 — November 28, 2014

While I only had Mauraj Tiny Maat for four months, I loved her a lifetime. Her loss was extremely devastating for me as she had been my constant companion. I was blessed to have her in my life, the sad part was not having her for as long as I would have liked. Unfortunately she got sick and I was able to get her through that, but then she got sick a second time, but worse and it wasn't meant for her to be well so I made the hardest decision to have her put to sleep so that she would no longer be in any pain. She came from an abusive situation but managed to be a loving cat, whom I doted on from the first day I brought her home until her last day with me. I spoiled this little girl rotten! Tiny now rests comfortably up on the shelf, in a beautiful little mahogany box with a beautifully engraved brass nameplate attached. I miss her so very much but I know she's no longer in any pain and reunited with her kitten. I miss you baby girl. Love, Mommy

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