In Memory of Meadow


May 6, 2015 — November 12, 2015

Meadow was the cat of everyone's dreams, he was affectionate, loving, he listened when I talked, he was my best friend to say the least. The thought of him being gone still bothers me. I will never stop remembering my best friend. He was born on May 6th 2015, an exciting arrival, him, his two brothersand his sister. I fell absolutely in love with him, and kept him.
He was an amazing cat for me for the best six months of my life, even though that was all he had, he gave it all to me. He had a short life, and I was lucky enough to spend all of it with him.
His death really hit me hard, we would be driving down the highway and I would just start to cry because everything reminded me of him. His passing left a deep wound on me that is still there, and it will be a while before it fades to a scar.
Everyone who met Meadow loved everything about him, his affectionate and happy personality, his motor-like purr, everything.
So many memories I have to treasure forever.Mama loves you Meadow.

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