In Memory of Mommie


October 1, 2011 — August 22, 2014

We lost our beloved Mommie far too soon. A freak accident of a cat tree falling on her head, which resulted in euthanasia. An unwanted cat with 3 kittens, she was left at a barn & we took over caring for them all. All 4 were fixed & Mommie came to live with us when the kittens found homes. She was near feral & it took about a year to gain her trust enough to move into the house. She was a blessing to have & taught us many things about life. Please, please, please anchor your cat trees if you have them. Make sure that they cannot fall flush. We had this cat tree for 5 years with no problems & it only takes one accident to cause a tragedy. She was only 6#s, so how the tree even fell still perplexes us to this day. A lot of grief has filled us & we all miss her everyday. We have a memorial shelf in her honor, with her ashes & other momentos. She is not physically here but we feel her presence every day. At least she knew true love in the end. Rest in peace Mommie. We love & miss you!

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